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There is no deed too small nor idea too big for Project Z. The idea behind the project is for you to capture a moment of happiness given to another, and share Jason's selfless spirit with others.

Perhaps you take groceries in for a neighbor. Maybe you bought your dad his favorite dessert and took it to work. Did you do sing a song to a group of nursing home residents? Read a story to a classroom of children? You could have dropped off a box of supplies to a charity in need, or paid for a restaurant bill of that elderly couple across the room. Maybe you just made your bed after your mom asked you 364 days in a row.

Try to do something in remembrance of Jason, especially thinking of him on the weekend of September 9th, his birthday. (Need an idea? Try the ice cream fund!)

If you'd like, submit your story here. Your random act of kindness will be anonymous. Send a description of your deed, your location around the world, and if you wish, a note about how Jason influenced your act.

We'll share the stories and put each one on the map so we can watch Jason's influence spread. We'll carry on Jason's legacy and his spirit of giving, all while making the world a better place than we found it. Just like Mr. Z. 

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