Ice Cream Fund

Jason had a certain habit when he went to thegrocery store. He'd walk up to the counter and buy two ice cream cones. When the cashier inquired about the second cone, he asked them to save it for later and give it to someone who really looked like they needed it. What an awesome way to brighten someone's day! He loved doing this. You can read more about it in his own words here.

We've started an ice cream fund for Jason, that will be donated on the weekend of his birthday. We're hoping to spread lots of ice creamy joy and memories. For under a dollar, you too can brighten someone's day! The staff at the counter are in on the secret and are going to let the lucky ones know that their treat is in memory of someone very special.

When the weekend is up, the store will let us know how many people's day got a little bit sweeter and share any fun stories they may have noticed.

Will you join us?

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