Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank you everyone!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Project Z this past weekend. What a wonderful way to remember Jason! 

We had a total of $250 in donations that were given to Jason's Ice Cream Fund. That's a LOT of ice cream!! (At around $0.89 each, that makes for many happy people!) It was taken to the grocery store anonymously, in honor of Jason. I spoke to the manager who was excited and touched by the idea. We look forward to getting stories from them. 

I received a lot of email submissions of random acts of kindness that were performed all over the country, which I will start to add and share here. In addition, there were over 2,000 visitors to the site since it was created, which means even more people were thinking of Jason this past weekend. 

I apologize that I am so terrible at blogging, given that Jason was so amazing at it, but I'll do my best! Please be patient with me. :)

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